• Light-weight and compact
  • Manometer for pressure control
  • Closed loop system
  • Easy operation
Material to be used
  • hydraulic oil HLP-68
Technical data
Working pressure - acc. to compressive force 0 - 250 bar
Delivery rate 15 cm³/stroke
Hydraulic oil HLP-68
Weight 15 kg
L x W x H 85 x 40 x 70 cm
Product description
The robust manual reciprocating pump DESOI M-Power HYP-12D is designed especially for the operation of hydraulic packers with double-acting cylinders. The hydraulic oil is fed through the 3-way HP ball valve at the outlet valve to the clamping rubber to fix the hydraulic packer. When the valve position is changed the hydraulic oil flows back into the store tank and can be reused. Due to this closed-circuit system a constant refilling of the oil tank is avoided.
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